Ech0's Security Blog


About me:

Greetings, I am Ech0, an IT student and privacy-enthusiast,
I am currently studying networking and security.
I have created this blog to share my work and various interests.
You can meet me online at the coordinates listed at the bottom of the page.
To contact me for professional purposes, please see the Contact page.

Studies in Coding, Networking, and IT Security.

Calm, Studious, Professional, and Patient.

Passion for vast and diverse technologies and their Security.

Well-spoken english language, constantly learning thanks to various online communities.


Due to a broad and very diverse passion for Security,
My skills are spread across coding, familiarity with terminals
under different OS environments, as well as Web-based development.

The main purpose behind the diversification of my skills is an
effort to gather as many tools as possible for both defensive
and offensive security purposes. Both in remote and local security,
many skills are vital in the process of vulnerability assessment :
Networking, Secure Coding, Computer science, Algorithmic structures, Binary exploitation, and so on.


  • Offensive Security
    60% Complete
  • Networking
    80% Complete
  • Coding and Cryptography
    95% Complete
  • Defensive Security and Forensics
    95% Complete
  • Open Source Operating Systems
    95% Complete
  • Electronics and IoT
    95% Complete


  • Bashscripting (Linux scripting)
    60% Complete
  • Python3
    80% Complete
  • C / C++ / Assembly
    95% Complete
  • Batchscripting (Windows Powershell scripting)
    95% Complete
  • Web-Based Development (HTML,CSS,JS,PHP)
    95% Complete


  • Kali Linux , Parrot OS , BlackArch Linux
    60% Complete
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Reporting
    80% Complete
  • Cisco Packet Tracer
    95% Complete
  • Wireshark / Burpsuite
    95% Complete
  • Binary Exploitation
    95% Complete